Canon EOS 70D Battery Grip

Canon EOS 70D Battery Grip


The Canon BG-E14 battery grip is the official Canon battery-grip for the Canon EOS 70D.  The advantages to purchasing a battery grip for your Canon EOS 70D are honestly endless and for myself a battery grip really is a necessity.


Not only does a battery grip make you look like a super professional photographer, but it also will help to extend the life of your Canon EOS 70D.  This is official Canon battery grip can hold up to two batteries, but you can also power your DSLR with six AA batteries just in case your standard batteries die.  While I may never use the AA battery tray, it could definitely be handy if you’re every in a pinch and can’t recharge your standard batteries.  I personally was able to almost triple the life of my Canon EOS 70D and was able to charge it with both my photive battery and also standard Canon battery.


Because this isn’t an aftermarket brand and it’s made by Canon, the battery grip feels, looks, and

Canon EOS 70D Battery Grip

performs to compliment the Canon EOS 70D better than any other battery grip.  Other third party grips

don’t have the same finish and touch to them as this, but the official Canon EOS 70D battery grip does come at a cost.  While I own a couple other battery grips for my older DSLRs, they didn’t hold up as well to the daily grind as the official ones do.

Another thing about the Canon BG-E14 battery grip is that it makes shooting much more comfortable and easier.  Buttons are located on the grip which makes them more easily accessible.  That isn’t an enormous plus, but it’s a nice addition and makes vertical shots quicker.


The Canon EOS 70D battery grip does unfortunately weigh quite a bit.  The extra weight is actually really nice in a way because it allows the camera to rest very nicely in the hand, but it definitely does geta bit tiring when I shoot go and shoot with a large lens for a couple hours.

Canon EOS 70D Battery Grip


Overall, if you’re looking for a way to increase the battery life of your Canon EOS 70D and would just like to make shooting with your 70D a bit more convenient, you should definitely consider the Canon BG-E14 Battery Grip.



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